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Hi Folks!

Just a little heads up to people who have Sewing Club Memberships with Fabricland -

This Wednesday to Saturday we're having another 50% off sale for members only. This sale is on items that aren't already on sale, so get your notions and expensive bridal and drapery fabric.

Also, I do suggest getting a rotary cutter and cutting mat, even if you're not a quilter (which I am not). Rotary cutters are like the pizza cutters, but extremely sharp, have a sheath that's connected to the blade and can cut through layers of fabric. It's ultimately a great time-saver for cutting out patterns too - you don't need to cut out the tissue paper first, you can place it on your fabric and cut through the paper, and a couple layers of fabric as well with great precision (of course depending on how you cut!).

Current project - pineapple dress. Almost done, having troubles with the bottom hem :S
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